Description of class for potential students

  • Call 777-2991 to register or if you have questions.

  • Safety

    • We teach people how to be safe.

    • We will demonstrate and explain how to be safe before we have the students handle guns so they know what to do.

  • Legal aspects of self defense will be discussed. We are not lawyers; we give general education but not legal advice.

  • The class addresses the justifiable use of lethal force. It is not about competitive shooting, recreational shooting or hunting.

  • Guns

    • No single action revolvers.

    • Double action revolvers are OK.

    • Small guns (sub-compacts and pocket pistols) can be tough to manipulate and difficult to shoot well.

    • Double action automatics (SIG, Beretta, Ruger P-series) require learning two different types of trigger pulls, one of which is over 10 lbs.

    • Glock, XD, Smith and Wesson M&P, 1911, and double action revolvers are the easiest to learn how to use.

    • Minimum .380 or 38 special. No .22 rimfires

  • We don't act like drill sergeants.

  • Written test on last day of class - All questions and answers for the test will be given on the first day.

  • Shooting test:

    • Paper plate at 21 feet, 10 out of 10 shots must be on plate, no time limit.

    • You will have 2 attempts to pass.

    • You can come back at a later time and re-shoot if you do not pass.

  • We teach you how to shoot your gun. We will discuss and demonstrate different designs, but we don't have time to cover all the guns available.

  • You will need 2 boxes of ammunition as you will shoot around 100 shots in class.

  • The gun must be unloaded and in a case when you bring it to class. Do not bring it in a holster.

  • Concealed carry laws are covered.

  • You are registered when your payment is received.

  • We spend lots of time discussing and explaining the points we make. We encourage students to ask questions.

  • If you cancel less than 7 days before the class you forfeit the money.

  • Call 777-2991 to register or if you have questions.

For more information, Contact us at: 406-363-7078

Hours of operation vary by season

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